Precast Wall Panel


METRIC Precast wall panels are desirable to achieve a quick,user and eco-friendly solution compared to traditional brick laying technique. It is an added-value product by METRIC which provides increased productivity and efficiency without the need to compromise on quality and safety.

The unique 7-core-openings has been tailored for optmised performance with end-consumer in mind . The propriertry shape allows for the most efficient use of grout, minimising wastage and improving inter-panel connection; creating a seamless continuous wall surface ready for final finishing. METRIC Precast wall panels are similar to our Hollowcore slabs , but instead have been engineered with lightness in mind and do not utilised pretensioning strands.

Benefits and Advantage

METRIC wall panels are designed to be used as non-load bearing applications but may be retrofitted to suit different scenarios and intent-of-use.

The key benefits of METRIC wall panels are:

• Reduced self-weight ; lower dead load
• Noise Attenuation ; good noise insulation
• Increase productivity ; up to 6 times faster to erect compared to brick and mortar equivalent
• Eco-friendly ; low embodied carbon dioxide (EC02)
• Low wastage ; broken panels can be utilised as part of partition wall
• Low Thermal Conductivity


100mm Wall Panel

 Dimensions,mm (Breadth x Depth x Height)  Self-weight*,kg/meter height

600 x 100 x Height**


*Self-weight of METRIC wall panel is based on nominal area of 386cm2

**Height of the panel is manufactured according to floor-to-floor height

Wall Panel Arrangement

Handling and Storage

• During storage at factory and transportation, a maximum of two stacks can be placed on top of each other. The stockyard should be level and panels should be protected from the rain. The panels must be stored on their sides at all times.

• A lifting fork or belt should be placed under the wooden pallet to lift panel stacks.All lifting equipment must be tested and marked with the Safe Working Load (S.W.L.).The capacity is to be checked against load being moved.

• METRIC wall panel stacks can easily be moved at the construction site by a forklift or a trolley.Due to the weight of the load to be transported,powered equipment may be required in addition to adequate manpower, depending on load size.